Our Story

Minaret Paper Co. was founded in 2020 by Amnah however, the idea originated many years earlier. Throughout her childhood Amnah, and her siblings spent a lot of their time with construction paper, glue and glitter, making homemade cards. They noticed that the American card industry at the time did not cater to Muslim celebrated holidays and occasions. This and their love for card making kindled their interest in one-day owning their own card company which they would call 'minaret'. 

Behind the Brand

By definition, a Minaret is a tall tower accompanying the structure of mosques. Its purpose is to deliver the Muslim call to prayer. While the structure itself is rooted in faith, its intricate details and distinctive beauty is what inspired Amnah's original designs when she first began illustrating. 

Our Vision 

Minaret Paper Co. is a lifestyle brand that brings modern and contemporary minimal art to your home. In the near future, we hope to build upon our collection of artwork and expand the array of home interiors and products that we offer.

We sincerely hope that you'll join us on this creative journey.